Day 08 – “I need to walk the dog.” (28 Day Spanish Challenge #1)

Day 08 – “I need to walk the dog.”

The reason I chose this phrase is because I just got done watching my sister’s dogs while she was out of town. So I tried to think of how I can use my habitat language while I was doing that. I also wanted it to relate to the power tool phrases from my DIY Spanish book. Walking the dog seemed to work nicely with the power tool phrase “I need to ______.”

Disclaimer: I realize there might be some euphemisms that are used in slang when it comes to certain phrases, such as ones with the word “dog.” I apologize in advance if I say anything inappropriate accidentally. I assure you that I am not familiar with any euphemisms for the phrases I am using today, and if there are any, it is honestly by utter accident. And again, if so, I am sorry!








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