Day 06 – Mix & Match (28 Day Spanish Challenge #1)

Day 06 – Mix & Match

Today I didn’t learn a new phrase. Instead, I took the 5 phrases I learned throughout the week and experimented with them like legos. I wanted to see if any of the components can be mixed and matched together to create new phrase combinations. Indeed they did!

Not all of them were mixable, however. The 6 pocket phrases from Day 01 are stand alone phrases, so I didn’t use them. Day 04 only consisted of one action word (verb), which didn’t fall into the pattern from the other 3 days. So I didn’t include that one either.

However, Days 02, 03, and 05 included a 2 verb pattern:

Action 1Action 2
Day 01I am going toturn on the lights
Day 02I have to wake up
Day 03I liketo rollerblade

So I decided to take all the action 2 flashcards, mix them together, and practice using them after each action 1:

Action 1Action 2
I am going toturn on the lights
I have toturn on the lights
I like (to)turn on the lights
I am going towake up
I have to wake up
I like (to)wake up
I am going torollerblade
I have torollerblade
I like (to)rollerblade


… and on and on for the rest of the action 2 cards.

Before mixing and matching, I started with 30 phrases (10 variations for each of the three phrases). Now I have added SIXTY MORE phrases to my vocabulary just by mixing and matching ones that I’ve already created! What’s even better is I didn’t have to create new flashcards to do it. That’s what I call efficient!

Look how easily you can start building vocabulary using this strategy. Adding 60 new phrases by recycling the components in the phrases you’ve already created saves you so much time and energy. This is great strategic language learning!


Interacting With Your Habitat

A great way to practice your habitat language is to physically walk to, talk to, and interact with the items you are speaking about. For example, if you wanted to practice the phrases for your morning routine, you can actually go through your morning routine as you practice them:

Practice PhraseDo this while you say the phrase:
I have to wake up.Go to (or get in) your bed.
I have to take a shower.Go turn on your shower.
I have to put on my clothes.Go to your closet or dresser and touch some clothes.
I have to comb my hair.Go comb your hair, or just touch the comb.
I have to drink water.Go drink some water.









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