Day 04 – “Look at the clouds.” (28 Day Spanish Challenge #1)

Day 04 Phrase – “Look at the clouds.”

Today I was outside at a free music concert in the park!  We have a thing here during the summer where I live called “Jazz on the Green.”  Every Thursday night there are jazz bands that come and play on an outside stage in a park. It’s a huge event!  Bunches of people gather out on the grassy lawn with their family and friends for what is essentially a giant picnic.  Everyone brings all sorts of sandwiches, snacks, goodies and drinks. They lay out their blankets, fold-up chairs and tables, and feast while they listen to live jazz music.

Now, I’m not a fan of jazz music, but I love the atmosphere of it all.  It’s a place to kick off your shoes in the summer grass, while you sit back, eat, drink and laugh with familiar friends or even meet new ones! 

Since I’ve been couped up in the house for pretty much the past 2 years (no real social life currently), I decided I needed to be outside for a change.  So, instead of skipping a day in my 28 day challenge, I just decided to find habitat language outside here at the park. 

While I was kicking back, looking up at the sky, I noticed that some of the clouds looked kinda cool.  So I thought a good phrase to use today would be:

ENGLISH:    Look at those clouds.

SPANISH:     Mira esas nubes.


Look at      those      clouds
     |               |               |
  Mira       esas       nubes

Then I replaced “those clouds”  with other things you might want to call attention to at a free concert in the park:

esasfrazadas (cobijas)(blankets)


When replacing “the” with “those” in Spanish, make sure you match the right vowel a or o.  This is called agreement.

the clouds           those clouds
las nubes   
=    esas nubes      

the clouds           those clouds
los niños     =    esos niños

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