Review of The Foreign Language Smart Start – CLOSED

The Review has ended.

Thank you for visiting!  The review has ended and this page has been closed.  Thank you to all of you who reviewed the video course.

I missed it!!

If you missed the review, don’t worry!  A fully updated and improved video course will be available SOON when you subscribe to the free blog on the home page.  It’s still under construction, but check out the videos below!

In the meantime …

Have you checked out the Interaction Pattern video series on the blog?  It shows you how to practice a foreign language by creating your own interaction patterns!  And it’s fantabulous! Here are the links:

The Interaction Pattern (Part 1 – Introduction)

The Interaction Pattern (Part 2 – Create Your Own)

The Interaction Pattern (Part 3 – Use Any Material)

Happy Watching!

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