The Interaction Pattern (Part 2- Create Your Own)

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Create Your Own Interaction Pattern


6 Easy Steps
Step 1 – Find a phrase
Step 2 – Comprehend the phrase
Step 3 – Choose a pattern type
Step 4 – Create variations
Step 5 – Set up an interaction
Step 6 – Engage the interaction Continue reading The Interaction Pattern (Part 2- Create Your Own)

The Interaction Pattern (Part 1- Introduction)

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The main purpose of my blog is to test out a specific language learning strategy. The crux of this approach is using “Interaction Patterns.”

Basically this is taking pieces of the language you are learning and intentionally creating patterns in ways that prompt you for a response – using the new the language. In other words purposely creating and engaging in an interaction between you and the new language.

When we speak in our native language it’s usually to take part in Continue reading The Interaction Pattern (Part 1- Introduction)

Who the heck am I anydangway?!

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My name is Justin Ryan. No, Ryan is not my last name. Take another guess 🙂

This video gives a small introduction to who I am, where I’m from, and why I’ve started a language learning blog.  You can also find details on my About LFN page.

Swedish from nothing in 13 minutes (a quick overview)

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Today I am approaching the Swedish language completely from scratch in order that you can see the overall process I will take learning a new language starting from nothing. It is only an example, since I’m not learning Swedish fully at this time. However, it is a language I know nothing about, so it’s a perfect example for a quick demonstration.

You can follow along with me in this video if you’d like to see how easy it is to Continue reading Swedish from nothing in 13 minutes (a quick overview)


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Have you ever tried to learn another language, but eventually given up?

Was it difficult knowing how to choose the language or resources you would need to get started? Did you feel like your study method was inefficient, putting in countless hours yet still progressing too slowly? Were you intimidated speaking with native speakers because you feared making mistakes? After investing months into the language could you barely even say hello?

For me, the answer to all of these has been yes. But does learning another language have to be so difficult? I don’t believe it does.

Welcome to Language From Nothing! My name is Continue reading Welcome!